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Check this out! In a message on social media Jacqueline Fernandez shares words to live by in these difficult times

Jacqueline Fernandez has taken to the ground in these grim times in an effort to provide relief to people in distress because of the pandemic.  The actress makes an effort to share and create stories of kindness with people, spreading love to all and helping others. 
The actress took to her social media to share, “Stay strong, stay safe, stay healthy, help others when you can, spread love and kindness always!! We are all battling the pandemic in our own ways, let’s be understanding and sympathize with all.. let’s be there for one another! Keep sharing your stories of kindness with us and help us spread the word of love and unity 🌸 
This message sums up what should be the plan of action for everyone in the country. Through her YOLO foundation she has initiated distribution of 1 lakh meals, feeding stray animals and also distribution of masks and sanitizers for the police force.

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