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Subh Nikah Review: Arshad Siddiqui’s movie is a perfect blend of punches and punchlines

By Shachi Chaturvedi

Cast- Rohit Vikkram, Arsh Sandhu and Aksha Pardasany

Runtime- 2 hr 5 mins

Director- Arshad Siddiqui

Rating- 3.5/5


The plot revolves around a Hindu lad named Munna Lal Mishra and a Muslim girl named Zoya Khan, who fall in love without realizing the barriers and hardships that their love will endure.


It is said that love knows no religion and that there is no religion of love. This is precisely what this film attempts to express in a lighthearted manner.

What strikes me as impressive is the endeavour to build a film out of a serious subject in such a way that it never hits you in the wrong way.

When it comes to standout performances, all of the characters, to my surprise, have succeeded in playing their parts. Everything is on point, from the appropriate punchline to the right punches.

Arsh Sandhu plays the film’s villain, and believe me when I say he is the cutest villain ever. He is a pure soul who becomes enraged since he is unable to have Zoya as she loves Munna. Although Arsh’s emotion is neutral in some parts, this does not diminish the fact that he has done an excellent job.

Munna Lal Mishra, played by Rohit Vikkram, is a sapno ka rajkumar of everygirl. He, with those glittering eyes and cute face nails the persona of a cute boy who can be macho when it comes to his love.

Aksha Pardasany plays Zoya Faraz well. She appears to be a girl of high calibre, and she should absolutely explore her other sides.

The customary Bollywood approach to songs in this film also makes you nostalgic, where the couple is romancing in lovely locations while dressed in sarees and against a beautiful backdrop. The movie’s music is peaceful and pleasant to the ears.

Moving on to the technical aspects, I believe the script is well-written, with solid thought behind it, and that the camera positioning and shots are well-taken.

The film also hits a chord of love, and you miss your loved one. Everyone has at least one love story they want to remember or treasure, and this film will help you do just that. This film is an honest attempt to demonstrate the need for cultural inclusivity without being unkind.


A good film with a good idea behind it. The movie should be appreciated and one should go and watch this fun ride.

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