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Kabzaa Review: Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep’s film is a brainless tale of people with body-less heads in their hands

By Shachi Chaturvedi

Cast- Shriya Saran, Upendra and Kiccha Sudeep

Director- R. Chandru, Shivu Hiremath and Soori

Runtime- 2 hr 14 min

Rating- 1/5


In 1947, a freedom fighter and Gandhi supporter were severely attacked. The freedom fighter’s kid becomes entangled in the mafia world due to inescapable circumstances.


The film begins with the heroic entrance of Kiccha Sudeep as a police officer who also serves as the flag bearer of truth and justice. As soon as he arrives, he begins telling us a story about a gangster and takes us back in time, and the film revolves around that story. Essentially, it is a story in flashbacks.

With no effort made to translate the dialogues and no story at all, this film is a mental agony. The utter helplessness of witnessing the film in a theatre has eaten away at me as a critic. The film has three directors, and they have truly convinced me that “too many cooks can spoil the broth.” This film feels like a third or fourth copy of KGF, too badly made.

Upendra, the lead, tries hard to make sense of the scenarios and keep them believable, but his attempts are patently futile. With over-the-top drama and physically impossible actions, this film seems like a slaughterhouse clip. Everyone is holding a human head in their hand like it’s a tray of chocolates.

Coming back to Kiccha Sudeep, he appears in the film for a brief cameo of fewer than 5 minutes. He does not contribute to the plot.

Shriya Saran, the leading actress, comes into the film to stand in front of a car and chat with her mobster boyfriend. Seriously, why on earth did she agree to play this part? Her talent serves no use. Nobody knows why she dresses nicely and stands in the corner.

Wasting a talent like Murli Sharma is a personal loss for me. He is a fantastic actor who suffers as a result of lousy dubbing and a strange screenplay.

In terms of film techniques, the picture has failed miserably in every element, from directing action scenes to script composition. To my surprise, there is a scene in which the police officers lock the cell doors to keep a goon out, but he enters the jail via helicopter. How amusing is that? Our grandparents can tell us better superhero stories than this implausible one.

When it comes to music, this film features a song that appears really strange in the Hindi translation, but I cannot comment on how it sounds in the original. Still, come on, man, who dances on a road out of nowhere?

I’d like to kiss the hands of whoever translated the dialogues. My Google Translate is more accurate. Who adds words like “Mahtvapurn” to express love? This film is riddled with flaws and errors. Three people sitting in a horizontal row are killed by a single bullet, ‘esaa nahi hota hai Bhaiiii’.


This film is intolerable. If you really want to enjoy some thrills, wait for it to come on OTT and try your luck, but remember everything I warned you of.

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