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Zwigato Review: Kapil Sharma and Nandita das deliver an undercooked meal

By shachi Chaturvedi

Cast- Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami

Director- Nandita Das

Runtime- 1h 45m

Ratings- 2/5


A man works as a food delivery rider and is confronted by the world of ratings and rewards. To supplement his income, his housewife begins to look into alternative job prospects, both scared and excited about her newfound independence.


It is a story of a delivery man who has to fight every day to survive in this harsh world. The story begins with a background of how COVID has influenced the globe, and how many enterprises have closed owing to the restrictions, forcing individuals to find other jobs.

Kapil Sharma, the owner of a modest business, is now a delivery boy dealing with the hardships of the large city, which appears glamorous but is shallow.

The film challenges the quote “Mjadoor hain isliye Majboor hai,” instead putting out the idea “Majboor hai isliye Majboor hai,” which is a hard-hitting sentence and the reality that we don’t see.

When it comes to the film’s concept, the directors seek to convey the life of a normal man. The concept is excellent, but is the execution flawless? No, because while the audience may understand what the film is attempting to express, they will be unable to connect with it. It’s a movie you watch when you want to think about things and read between the lines.

Kapil Sharma plays Manas well. Nobody anticipated that Kapil would play a serious role, but as we all know, he is a fantastic theatre artist, and he proved it with this one. Kapil Sharma is more than just a comedian, he has a long way to go.

Shahana Goswami plays Kapil’s wife, and the innocence on her face makes her the ideal choice. She is simple, graceful, and all-around amazing.

Nandita’s approach as a director is highly unconventional, and she challenges her audience to think more critically. Despite the fact that the film drags at points and makes you question its goal, it leaves an impression on you.

After discussing the film with a few acquaintances, I discovered that it has numerous sides and that you must choose your lens to see the film in your own way and interpretation.

A protestor is kidnapped in one scene in the film. For some, it is an unsolved mystery, but for others, it is a loud warning that when you have power, you can silence any voice and no one will notice.

When it comes to the background score, the film has nice music and a lovely feel.

Talking about the technicalities, I would say that the movie needs a little polishing, but as a whole, it is a nicely shot film with good intentions behind it.


This film is a messy affair, and viewers must choose the lens through which they will view it.

You can wait for this movie to be available on OTT.

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