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Government should be alert to Urban Naxals: RSS chief

Warning the country against Urban Naxalism, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said the government and the administration have to be alert to ensure that a vicious and hostile atmosphere that weakens and destroys social cohesion is curbed.

“The actual presence of Jihadi and terrorist elements in one way or other in such incidents is a common factor among all these. So the emerging conclusion is, this is a bigger canny conspiracy in collusion with forces from within and outside the country.

“It no more remains just a power politics by the opposition, but in this process, politically ambitious individuals and groups — either knowingly or unknowingly — and weaker sections crushed under deprivation and neglect get drawn as ammunition unknowingly or unwillingly,” he said in his annual Vijayadashami address at the RSS headquarters here.

Bhagwat said the government must also keep a constant vigil on such “incendiary” elements and forces so that they were not able to perpetrate nuisance.

“Slowly in the absence of any support from society, these incendiary elements will be completely defused. The administration has to make its intelligence gathering mechanism more comprehensive and alert. The schemes for the public good will have to reach the last man of the society through their prompt implementation. It will have to work with skill an diligence to ascertain law and order,” he said.

Bhagwat said that “forces with selfish motives” attempted to use those severely affected due to deprivation, injustice and negligence as “cannon fodder” for anti-national and criminal activities.

“The selfish power hungry politics with sheer disrespect for social harmony, legal and constitutional discipline and with an eye on votes in upcoming elections have been apparently clearly behind these machination.

“But this time an atmosphere of divergence, separatism, violence, acerbic hatred and going to the extent of fuelling anti-national sentiments is being created by exploiting these grievances,” he added.

Bhagwat said those leading and abetting violence during agitations were “votaries” of Urban Maoism.

He said “Urban Maoists” had contacts in social and other media, intellectual circles and other institutions associated with “such activities”.

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