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BCCI paid Rs.46.89 crore to its affiliates, clients in July

New Delhi,  Even as the world economy struggles amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian cricket board distributed Rs.46.89 crore amongst its affiliates and clients, besides paying Income Tax/GST, in July, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced on its website.

This is part of the regular announcement of payments of over Rs 25 lakh made every month for transparency’s sake. In July, the biggest beneficiary is the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA), which has received Rs.16.20 crore as “ad hoc advance” against the amount due to the body. It is just a coincident that the HPCA is the home state of the BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal.

The second biggest chunk went to Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA), which received Rs.10.80 crore as “ad hoc advance” that it is entitled to.

The BCCI has shared the details of the payments made on its website, “Details for payments made above Rs.25 lakh during the month of July 2020. On July 1, the Tahsildar, Mylapore Taluk was given Rs.3 crore as advance against amount due (direct payment to vendor – lease rent for the period 20.04.20 to 19.04.21). The same day the BCCI paid Rs.54 lakh as GST (for Tamil Nadu Cricket Association advance against amount due – direct payment to vendor – lease rent for the period 20.04.20 to 19.04.21).

On July 4, Odisha Cricket Association was given Rs 2.7 crore as ad hoc advance against amount due to it. On the same day, the BCCI paid Rs.3.52 crore as Income Tax (BCCI Statutory Liability – TDS Payment for the month of June 2020.

On July 15, the BCCI paid another Rs.41.16 lakh as GST (Statutory Payment- GST Payment of Maharashtra state for the month of June 2020).

The BCCI transferred Rs.16.20 crore to the HPCA and Rs.10.80 crore on Juky 22.

On July 30, three associations – Arunachal, Mizoram, and Sikkim — received Rs.3.24 crore each as adhoc advance against amount due to these.

No national or international cricket has been played in India since the pandemic reared its head early this year. It is learnt that many associations have asked for financial help from the Indian cricket board recently following the lockdown.

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