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Student’s murder case: CM trying to escape wrath of Hindus, says BJP

Bengaluru : Karnataka BJP has come down heavily on Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for his statement in connection with the murder of a Congress Corporator’s daughter that took place on Thursday.

The BJP, which is stressing that it is a case of ‘love jihad’ alleged that the CM Siddaramaiah government was terming it “personal” and a case of “love” gone wrong, to escape the wrath of Hindu voters in the Lok Sabha elections.

After holding a meeting with the police department, while talking to the media about the case, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had stated that any murder takes place due to personal reasons.

“It is the duty of the government to maintain law and order. The government will carry out its duty,” CM Siddaramaiah told the Press.

Leader of Opposition, R Ashoka said on Friday, “At a time when the parents of the girl are in pain, you are accusing the girl of having a relationship. Do you have any humanity? Her last rites have not even been performed and you are saying that they were in love. If she had been in love, she would have gone with the accused long ago, but she did not do anything of that sort.

Ashoka alleged, “This is election time, if the truth comes out, Hindus will punish you. To escape the punishment, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has claimed that the girl’s murder is related to a personal matter.”

“The parents of the girl have stressed that it is a case of love jihad. The girl’s mother had stated that her dead daughter should not be insulted by claiming that she was in love,” Ashoka stated.

“The government should be ashamed of this. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Home Minister, Dr G Parameshwara should be ashamed of giving the case a personal twist. They should know that the person who is making the allegations of love jihad is a Congress Corporator,” Ashoka slammed.

The BJP leader alleged that for the last 15-20 years, the BJP has been stating that love jihad is being carried out in Karnataka just like Kerala.

“In Karnataka there is no value for the lives of Hindus. They have issued passports to those who indulge in love jihad. They have given visas to murderers, rioters. Karnataka has turned into a paradise of jihadis. After the CM Siddaramaiah-led government took over the Hindus are being humiliated. Those with a mindset of carrying out terrorism in the name of love jihad think that the Congress government won’t allow anyone to touch them,” Ashoka stated.

Ashoka said that the murder of the girl took place in a secure place like a college.

“Mr CM Siddaramaiah, if incidents of violence in Karnataka are taken into account, it seems the law and order system has been handed over to goons,” he underlined.

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