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Cher reveals Las Vegas residency saved her after she lost all her money

Los Angeles : Legendary singer-songwriter Cher has opened up on how she turned her fortunes around. The singer, 77, recently appeared on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ and shared that she did something many artistes didn’t do in the 1980s — begin a residency in Las Vegas — in order to make some money to support her family.

“I lost all the money I had worked for at some point. So I had to start at ground zero, and I didn’t know what I was gonna actually do to make a living for my kids”, she was quoted as saying by ‘People’ magazine.

“I decided to go to Caesar’s Palace, which was — you know, people didn’t go there. I was like, ‘What’s Elvis (Presley) doing here?’ But people didn’t go to Las Vegas. It really was the elephant’s graveyard,” she added.

As per ‘People’, the residency took place at the Circus Maximus Showroom at Caesars Palace and was dubbed, “A Celebration at Caesars Palace”. Cher performed songs like ‘Lookin for Love’, ‘Take It to the Limit’ and ‘Out Here on My Own’.

She also noted during her interview with host Jennifer Hudson that being in the music industry wasn’t always easy and she had to overcome several obstacles in order to remain on the stage.

“There was one writer who kept saying every year, ‘This is her last year. This is finally her last year. She is so over’, And I said, ‘You know what buddy, I’ll be here when you’re gone’. And I think I am”.

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