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Politicians have no business to hoard Covid medicines: Delhi HC

New Delhi: In the backdrop of shortage of supply of Covid-19 medicines, the Delhi High Court on Monday said politicians have no business to hoard stocks of Covid-19 medicines and they should surrender these drugs.

A bench comprising Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Sanghi expressed dissatisfaction on the Delhi Police status report in connection with the allegations of politicians involved in hoarding and distributing Covid-19 medicines, including Remdesivir, in the capital. The bench emphasized that political leaders have no business to hoard these medicines, especially at an hour when there is a shortage of supply and citizens are running around for these drugs.

“If their (politicians) intention is to do public good, then they should surrender the same to Director General of Health Services (DGHS) who will then distribute it to government hospitals”, said the High Court.

The bench also observed that it is projected that these medicines were procured for public charity and not for political gains, political leaders are expected to surrender their stocks. The government can use these medicines for poor and needy persons at its hospitals, added the bench.

On the Delhi Police inquiry, the High Court said it expects the police to do a proper investigation and file a better status report in the court within a week.

The observations were made by the High Court during the hearing of a PIL seeking registration of an FIR on allegations that politicians are procuring large quantity of Covid-19 medicines even as patients were running around to get these medicines.

The Delhi police counsel submitted before the court that it will seize such hoarded drugs. The High Court told the Delhi police counsel that it owes a duty to people. When police asked for six weeks to conduct the probe, the bench replied, “This is not the way. By six weeks, this issue might not exist.”

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