February 1, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

I am committed to make MP a well-nourished state: CM Chouhan

Team Absolute|Bhopal On the occasion of birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh while commencing the milk distribution in the state, inaugurated the statewide ‘Poshan Mahotsav. While releasing the State Level Nutritional Management Strategy, he administered a pledge of nutrition to the citizens of the state. He also dedicated 601 new aanganwadi buildings on the occasion. Chouhan said that it is an occasion of joy and pleasure not only for the state but for the whole country that today is the birthday of our popular public leader and ray of hope for the people of the country, PM Modi. Chouhan inaugurated the ‘Gharib Kalyan’ Week from the Statewide Poshan Mahotsav. The Mahotsav was celebrated simultaneously at more than 97 thousand Aanganwadi centres. The virtual programme was broadcast on all major channels including Doordarshan. Along with this, a large number of people joined the programme through Twitter, Facebook and webcast. Chouhan said that Prime Minister Modi is the architect of a glorious, powerful and magnificent India. Whatever he did, he did it with full passion and vision. Whether it is protecting the borders of the country, the concept of building an Atmanirbhar Bharat or the schemes for the welfare and development of the poor, the efficient leadership of Prime Minister reflects from every activity. Chouhan said that the work is being started on Poshan Sarkar through nutritional management strategy. We believe that it is necessary to connect the society in the fight against malnutrition. Chouhan appealed to keep ‘Poshan Matka’ (Nutritional Earthen Pot) in every village. He said that fruits, vegetables, grains etc. should be collected in the pots, kept in the Anganwadis, with the help of affluent families. These should be used in enhancing the nutritional level of weak children and women. Chouhan said that he will ensure that fruits and vegetables from the ‘Poshan Vatika’ (Nutrition garden), established in the Chief Minister’s house go to the nutritional pot of the nearby Anganwadis. Chauhansaid that the Ladli Laxmi Yojana was started to establish the idea to consider daughters and sons as equal instead of just considering the girls for household chores ‘Roti Banao-Kanda Thapo ki Jagah Beti-Beta Barbar Maano’ and to change the mindset of the society towards daughters. ‘I am happy that the girls, who were given NSCs at little age, are pursuing studies in 9th to 10th class today and are dreaming of becoming doctors and collectors. Our government is committed to provide equal opportunities to daughters. With this purpose, schemes have been launched for their support and welfare at every stage from birth to employment and marriage. Shri Chouhan said that violence against girls and women will not be tolerated in the state. Strict action will be taken against those who commit such acts. Respect, security and equality to daughters, sisters and mothers are paramount for the government. Chouhan said that distribution of sweet milk powder is being started for the 8 lakh malnourished children and low nourished children. These malnourished children will soon be well-nourished by consuming milk daily.Chouhan administered the nutrition resolution to make the state free from anaemia and malnutrition as well as to move towards development and make the state a well-nourished state by effectively implementing nutritional strategy. Chouhan said that the responsibility of preprimary education for children up to 6 years of age is now being entrusted to the Anganwadis under the National Education Policy.On this occasion, Chief Minister interacted with girls and women from different places of the state. He sought information about the operation of Anganwadis, Ladli Laxmi Yojana etc.

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