February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal


Team Absolute|Bhopal Even as the BJP and many others in the country are celebrating the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with full rigour, opposition Congress party has decided to celebrate the day as National Unemployment Day to highlight the jobs lost since the COVID-19 struck the country earlier this year. Congress MLA from Bhopal Madhya assembly constituency led a unique protest with seventy Congress workers removing their shirts begged while hanging their degrees in their necks. Masood later talking to media persons said that the BJP and its leaders are celebrating the seventieth birthday of PM Modi as service day but actual it is their earnings day. “Unemployment is on the rise, youths don’t have job opportunities and the union government is only working for the benefits of select industrialists.” Notably, the Congress party has launched a nationwide movement against the BJP government’s failures, anti-people policies among other things. The Congress has been raising the issue of unemployment since the past few months. Party workers have been staging protests in several states across India against the alleged increase in corruption, unemployment, inflation and other grievances of the people. The Youth Congress workers in Bhopal demonstrated by frying fritters and holding banners such as ‘I am a young unemployed’. One of the protesting Congress workers said, “Today is unemployment day. India’s youth is knocking the doors of unemployment, and is also struggling financially. However, Our Prime Minister is boasting himself on the occasion of his birthday… We want to tell the Prime Minister that the country’s economic woes will not end by feeding peacocks.

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