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Congress alleges police of working for BJP

Indore: Congressmen on Thursday strongly opposed the police action in connection with social distancing breakdown and mob gathering at the inauguration of Premchand Guddu’s election office on Tuesday. Angry former minister Jeetu Patwari said that I want to warn the police-administration that the time is going to change.

“This government is for 42 days. Tulsi Silawat is left minister for 7 to 8 days more. All the officers who did not perform his duty properly. I am a simple man, but Premchand Guddu’s mill grinds very fine flour. Remember this, do not make this mistake any further. The police have taken action against 34 Congress leaders for not putting masks under sections 188, 269 and 270, gathering large number of people without permission.”

The leader said, “I want to say to the BJP workers that the Congressmen who helped Silawat in the last election are now being booked. We all have our own ideology. They took objection when Silavat was in Congress and helped a BJP person in friendship. This is not a BJP-Congress fight. This is a fight for democracy. Where will the democracy be alive when the MLA is sold. If Tulsi can get votes after being sold, then all will start selling themselves. The people of Sanwer will defeat Tulsi Silavat by 20 thousand votes. We have visited many villages, BJP people themselves say that they will send BJP home for the way they have messed up.”

Minister Patwari asked why the BJP organization should work for Tulsi Silavat. “Why should those who vote for BJP help them? If there is even a little water left in Tulsi Silavat, your government is there and you are a minister, give compensation of 40,000 rupees hectare to the farmers of Sanwer. Then we will assume that you are a minister. The way you sold the vote for your selfishness, what did the farmer do? The Kamal Nath government had reduced the electricity bills of the farmers. Now forgive the increased bills that have come.”

Patwari said that people of BJP organize big events. “Many people had their meals when the CM came. The administration stood like servants with folded hands. The TI and police stood up like servants and workers with folded hands. On the other hand, in the President’s tribute meeting, you filed cases against 40 Congressmen. Wrote more names of 50 people. The Congress party will not tolerate this.”

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