February 22, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Chouhan issues instructions, guilty will be punished after probe

Corruption will not be tolerated at any level: CM

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the matter of supplying sub-standard rice to consumers is serious. It will be investigated by EOW. has given clear instructions in this connection at a high level meeting today.

Chouhan said that no action was taken by the previous government in the matter of distribution of sub standard rice procured from the millers in Balaghat under the public distribution system in the month of February. Chief Minister said that this is a serious matter. Connivance at various levels is likely in this case. Chouhan said that on the basis of the facts emerging from the investigation, action will be taken against the guilty. After inspection of Balaghat and Mandla districts, the supply and transport of rice from the warehouses has been discontinued. As per the milling policy, the sub-standard quality rice will be replaced by rice of the standard quality. Corruption will not be tolerated at any level.

In the meeting Chouhan said that the case related to quality of food grains and ration scam should be investigated thoroughly. Chouhan said that quality of food grains should be ensured in the entire state. Irregularities occurring in the past will also be probed. No compromise with the quality of food will be tolerated under any circumstances. Those who engage in such irregularities will not be spared. It is necessary to completely eradicate such irregularities. Chouhan said that it is necessary to break the vicious cycle of black marketers and those affecting quality of food grains.

The Chief Minister had instructed the officials on Wednesday to take strict steps in the matter of supply of rice of sub standard quality.  Action has also been taken to terminate the services of the guilty quality controllers. The warehouses and mills of the millers, who had supplied the low quality rice are also being searched. FIR has been registered against the related millers.

In the meeting instructions were given to all staff responsible including quality controllers to discharge their duties efficiently. Chouhan said that officers and employees who are negligent in performing their duties will not be spared.



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