September 20, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

This can be the reason for watery eyes?

First and foremost, teary eyes are different from watery eyes. Both occur due to different causes. While teary eyes are associated with emotions, watery eyes have different reasons associated with it. Water in the eyes once in a while is okay but if you suffer from watery eyes every now and then, you need to look out for the possible reasons that your eyes and becoming watery often.

The environment inside or outside is dry
If you are in a dry place, your skin is likely to miss out on moisture. Even your eyes can dry out in such climates. In that case, your eyes would automatically release fluids from lacrimal glands to make them moist. This mechanism is known as reflex tearing. Thus, if you live in dry areas or air-conditioned spaces, your eyes tend to dry out resulting in watery eyes. Therefore, it is better to keep on washing your eyes to prevent dryness. This would help maintain hydration in the eyes.

You work on computer screen for long hours
These days, most of us are working on our computers and laptops that have increased the risk of eye infections. Have you ever noticed that when you are glued to a screen, you blink less often? This is probably the reason why your eyes are drying out fast and releasing tears to replenish the moisture. Doctors suggest that one should give break to their eyes in between work to allow moisture replenishment. While working on laptops, make sure that you do exercises for eyes for a good eyesight.

Contact lenses can cause harm too
Wearing contact lenses for long hours do the same as they are made up of plastic material that can affect eye health. If you suffer from watery eyes problem while wearing lenses, you should check whether they are ill-fitting or you’re wearing them for longer than required.

Your eye makeup in sneaking inside
Most women suffer from watery eyes when they forget to wipe out the eye makeup and it sneakingly gets into your eyes. Anything with chemicals would certainly affect eye health. When your kajal, eyeliner or mascara gets into the eyes, you feel irritation that is because it disrupts the lining. Thus, you must remove your makeup every time before going to bed. Never sleep with your makeup on.

Allergens in the air that your eyes are allergic to
Eyes are sensitive organs that get easily irritated with an allergen. When an allergen attacks you, your eyes may get watery as a reaction to this. This is a sign that you have been attacked by an allergen. If you stay out for longer, you may face this problem as your eyes come in contact with different allergic substances in the air.

Dry eye problem doesn’t only make the eyes dry but it also causes watery eyes. People who have a chronic dry eye problem experience a sudden shift from dry eyes to watery eyes. If you face this issue, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist to find the root cause and get treatment for it.

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