September 23, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Lily Allen cancels US tour dates

Singer Lily Allen has been forced to cancel two of her shows in the US this week after falling ill.

Allen, 33, apologised to fans for cancelling her Chicago show on Wednesday evening as well as her Minneapolis gig on Thursday, reports dailymail.

She revealed she was unable to perform due to sickness, and that she was also struggling to deal with “devastating” news concerning her family.

In a video message to her fans, she said: “Hello everybody I’m very sad to say I’ve hand to cancel my Chicago show tonight and my Minneapolis show tomorrow due to my sickness.

“We are working on rescheduling both shows so I will get back to you with news about those… I’m just really really sorry, but this is unavoidable, I’ve been battling it for two weeks.”

Earlier, Allen had tweeted: “I am really quite sick, and I’ve just had some truly devastating news. Can you trolls just allow me for today ? Thanks in advance.”

Asked by a concerned fan if she was feeling okay, Allen said: “Not really. I can’t speak and I’m very shaken up by news from back home.”

Allen has spent the last month touring the US with her new album “No Shame”

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