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Kangana Ranaut wears Manipuri phanek for a fashion cause

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut is thrilled about her Twitter family growing to one million within a few weeks. She also used the occasion to promote Northeast Indian fashion.

Wearing a Manipuri phanek, which she calls her “absolute favourite”, in a new video, she spoke about how we take inspiration from Europe or Japan for fashion, but many handlooms in India get ignored.

She feels that the Northeast has never got representation in mainstream India, and she wants to change that.

“Fashion should be inclusive but what is the point of including others and excluding our own? True meaning of Nationalism is Nation first, our own first, also big cheers to my twitter family of 1 million,” the Bollywood actress captioned the video.

She got a thumbs up from fans. One wrote: “Thank you so much. You are the only celebrity who promotes the culture of Northeast . And you look amazing in Meitei traditional attire.”

Another commented: “I am loving how you’re promoting art without any paid contract behind it. God Bless You.”

Another wrote: “Me being a northeastern girl can very much relates to what she is talking about. Thank you so much @KanganaTeam for accepting and promoting us.

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