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It’s all blown out of proportion, says Usha Uthup on #Metoo movement

At a time when the #MeToo movement is gaining momentum in India, renowned singer Usha Uthup expressed her sadness at the entire episode.

Uthup was in Jaipur to attend the MTV India Music Summit.

Speaking to IANS on Friday, she said, “I am quite sad about the whole thing being blown out of proportion. I am equally sad on how it has been worked out. I never thought they could do something of this kind to make it that big.”

“I feel sorry. It should not have happened like this. So many people involved and hurt in so many ways.”

She specified that it’s not only women who have been hurt in this movement.

Usha Uthup started her career in a nightclub. When asked if she too has faced any kind of #metoo moment during her career, she said, “Luckily, I did not face any such challenge.”

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