February 22, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Get, Set, Click this World Photography Day

New Delhi: It’s World Photography Day, and instead of focusing on some of the world’s greatest clicks, how about learning to take the best shots right from your drawing room. From clicking mouth watering pictures of food, to getting the best angles for selfies – there is a photographer hidden in each one of us.

Hone your creative skill and learn the tips and tricks to master that perfect shot with lessons by experts turned hosts for the day. Using your Smartphone to capture spectacular shots to understanding the intricacies of lights and angles – these Online Experiences will ensure you proudly wear the official photographer badge at the next get-together.

Phone photography class with @bonnierzm

In this session you will be engaged in a fun and creative photography journey with your Fashion Photographer host. Start to rediscover light in photos and learn how angles impact the final image. Your host Bonnie will show you how to find your perfect VIP photo angles and three basic poses to decrease stress in front of the camera. Isn’t that what you always wanted? After every concept, you will practice the techniques, learn, see, and apply instantly.

Creative Smartphone Photography at home

Learn how to take the best shots for your Instagram through an hour-long Online Experience. You will learn to take nice pictures with any type of Smartphone and edit them quickly using some of the best free online apps. By the end of the hour, you would have also learnt some time-saving tricks on adding magic to your photos when editing on your Smartphone.

Coffee & cameras with Olympic You tuber

This experience is for anyone who whips out their smart phone every time the meal arrives at a restaurant, loves capturing the mood and vibes at their local coffee shop, or just appreciates an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed! This session involves making an iced coffee together with the host set the stage and then capture that exact moment when the cream pours out and tumbles over the ice into the smooth dark caffeine-filled goodness below, making the perfect coffee-cream swirl.

Create with a pro studio photographer

Explore the creative potential of your lighting accessories, natural and artificial lighting capabilities, and styling of your personal space by creating a series of photos. This Online Experience will walk you through how the host sets up her at-home studio, which can be used for portraiture, product, and fashion shoots. Your host will use basic studio equipment during the class, so that the instructions are beginner friendly.

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