February 23, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Divine Mother Radharani

Radhanath Swami Maharaj: It is said that “a mother is your first friend, your forever friend”.  Mother’s love is something that we treasure in our heart forever and something we are ever indebted – she bore us for nine months in her womb, she personally fed her milk, protected us, fed us, bathed us, taught us how to walk, how to speak. She tolerated and forgave all our pranks, mischief.

Divine Radharani is a mother to us and a symbol of love for her children. A Mother is always our well wisher – eager to see us happy in life. Our relationships multiply, our possessions increase, our world expands but we don’t find anything near to what we got from our mother. But still our heart craves for it, yearns for it. Is this something we need to accept and live with it? Is there no way to experience this love throughout? No, there is a way. Let us see how such love develops.

The art of reconnecting ourselves to our Divine Father — God — is through Bhakti Yoga. Our Divine Father is so greatly merciful that he is considering us to take us back into His association though we may have rejected Him. But He has not rejected us – naughty children – forever. He is ready to accept us but only if we become fully pure and completely surrenders to Him..

The process of Bhakti Yoga is not solely based on the endeavor of the practitioner but greatly on the grace of God. A Bhakti Yogic practitioner will be successful in his endeavour to the extent one recognizes the importance of grace and learns the art of earning the grace. Just as when father is upset with a disobedient, spoiled child and rejects him, the child has no other choice except to take shelter of his mother who is forgiving and can request her husband to accept his son back. Similarly we can only receive God’s grace by approaching the Divine mother, Radharani. She is ever merciful and ever compassionate to those who approach her. To those who approach her with sincerity, she trains them on how to become obedient sons again.

The Supreme God is Sri Krishna – the All Attractive one. His eternal consort – Radharani is our Divine Mother. Radha means who is expert in aradhana – worship of God. She is most dear to God and only by her grace; we can be accepted by our divine father. Let us pray on the auspicious day of Her Appearance – Radhastami which falls on August 26, 2020, that she bestows her choicest blessings so that we become successful in our efforts in the path of yoga – the only way out of this mortal and miserable world.

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