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A mini digital series attempts to capture life during lockdown

Mumbai: A series depicts the relatable turmoil and restlessness felt in a coronavirus-afflicted world through the mobile screen.

A three-part series titled “Cabin Fever” is collaboration between Mumbai-based Jugaad Motion Pictures, “Udd gaye” singer and producer Ritviz and director Pranav Bhasin.

The miniseries that was launched on May 18 on Ritviz’s YouTube channel captures the emotional lives of two young people, Sanksriti and Jounty who in their own way endure the craziness of lockdown and everything it brought with it.

“Cabin Fever” Part 2 was put out in June, and finally on September 12, the concluding episode was released. The project is written and directed by Pranav Bhasin.

“People seemed to be heavily distressed at the beginning of the lockdown, and to have a character who would hack his way out of the system seemed like a fun idea” is what I thought as I sat staring at the ceiling,” Bhasin said on how the idea of “Cabin Fever” came to him.

Considering that on-set shoots were off the table, he and the team had to make do with what was possible a” phone calls and phone cameras.

“The shooting process was uniquely tailored for the conditions – I wouldn’t have the privilege of watching the takes as they happened. We would spend a lot more time discussing the narrative and these characters among us before shooting, because each take was continuous and substantially long. It was a fun, spontaneous and collaborative project to have spent the last few months on,” he said.

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