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5 types of relationship partners you should avoid

Lifestyle : Love is a beautiful, inexplicable feeling. When you date someone you’re interested in and slowly, start to fall in love, it can feel so wholesome and comforting. When you appreciate someone’s actions or opinions, you start liking them a bit and with time, your feelings start to grow, giving you the hint that maybe you should date them. After all, isn’t it worth a try? However, often things go wrong and within time, you slowly get to know a different side to a person. There are several warning signs or red flags that you may have noticed but unknowingly chose to ignore. This may lead to a toxic relationship. Do not make that mistake as it can cost you further down the line. We have rounded up 5 types of partners that you should immediately separate from or avoid.

Emotionally abusive

It may seem all flowery at first, along with passionate and intense moments, but later if you start noticing signs like severe anger issues, playing the blame-game or dissolving into self-pity, then you have your cue. However, these type of people can also emotionally manipulate you and say that they can’t live without you if you choose to leave the relationship. They can be highly or less emotional, but whatever the reason may be, it can be threatening.

Isn’t really into you

If they keep saying that they love you but their actions speak otherwise, then steer clear of these individuals. It shouldn’t only be love in the relationship, but trust, support and understanding should also be considered. If your partner doesn’t understand when you need help and is busy being absorbed in other things, then that can be a bad sign as well. Additionally, if your partner spends more time with their friends and doesn’t pay heed to you much, then it’s time to leave them.

Being self-centred

If your partner seems to never understand you because they are always self-absorbed then your relationship is bound to take a negative turn. Making everything about them and being narcissistic can make them poor partners and unsatisfactory contributor to the relationship. If you notice that you constantly keep praising and put their needs above your own, then your relationship all your life will include only giving and no return at all.

Never accepts their mistake

It can be frustrating to live with a partner who never accepts their mistakes. They claim to know everything and make it seem like you you know nothing and can never be right. Subjecting your whole life to a superior-ship can drain your energy and patience, hence forcing you to leave the relationship.

Emotionally devoid

Words mean a thousand emotions and if your partner struggles to express themselves, it can lead to an emotionally distant relationship. Some people are emotionally clueless, non-communicative and lack any empathy, they can ruin your mental state because after all, communication is the key. Don’t ever feel guilty of leaving a relationship first if you start noticing these signs in your partner. In conclusion, you’ll only be saving yourself because you should be your main priority if your partner doesn’t treat you right.

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