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‘They told me I was too fat’: Lisa Snowdon

Los Angeles | Agencies voluptuous. ‘I’d get booked Lisa Snowdon has hit out at ‘sav-age’ fashion designers who once humiliated her into stripping in a toilet then telling her she was too fat for the catwalk. The model recalled being left ’embarrassed’ when she turned up for an extravagant fashion show in Milan,but couldn’t squeeze into any of the flimsy clothes at age 19. Admitting she used to be ‘tiny’, industry moguls cancelled her book-ings after she refused to cower to their demands to lose weight. The radio presenter said: ‘I’d gone to Milan and they told me I was too fat basically, and when I look back, I was like a little stick right. ‘I was tiny, the only thing that were big on me were my boobs. I wasn’t that curvaceous, I’m more curvaceous now, back then I just had a pair of boobs. I wasn’t that super curvy or to do fashion shows and I’d turn up and look at my rail and there’d be something and they’d be “put this on”. ‘It was like a wisp of a hair band and I was like “that’s not even gonna go over my f**king wrist let alone my whole body, that’s not gonna work!”‘ Lisa went on: ‘So then they’d cancel me and go “go home, go home”. It was savage but high pressure – they’re about to put on a fash-ion show, a model turns up and she does-n’t fit any of the clothes – so I got cancelled.

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