December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

‘We wish her well and hope she gets better’: Paris Hilton

Los Angeles | Agencies Paris Hilton cancelled an interview on ITV’s Lorraine at the last minute after suddenly falling ill. The reality star, was scheduled to have a chat with Lorraine Kelly about her YouTube documentary where she speaks about abuse she endured as a teen. Speaking to Ross King, Lorraine said: ‘We were supposed to be talking to Paris Hilton today. Sadly we got a call very, very late last night saying that’s she’s not well.’ ‘We obviously wish her well and hope she gets better soon.’ Lorraine addressed some of the themes from the documentary This Is Paris, including the persona Paris said she put on during her early years of fame. She said: ‘When I watched the documentary I thought, “Not a happy life”. She’s invented this character and even speaks in a funny voice. ‘I thought that was her voice but it’s not at all! She’s a bright girl but she puts on an act.’ Ross agreed and said: ‘That’s not her voice, she’s a sharp cookie. We talk about the Kardashians as well, Kim was Paris’ pal. Paris set the way for her.’ Lorraine added: ‘I think she’s someone desperately looking for love and desperately looking for validation, I suppose. It’s just very sad. ‘I hope she comes back, I would love to speak to her.’ It comes after Paris admitted she felt ‘pressured’ into making her sex tape with her ‘first real boyfriend’ Rick Salomon.

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