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Jason Derulo: Can’t see myself going on the road again intensely

Los Angeles,  Singer Jason Derulo says the coronavirus-induced lockdown has changed his approach towards his musical career and lifestyle.

In an interview to new! Magazine, the 31-year-old star admitted that he only spent 60 days at home last year because of his work. He shared that the Covid-19 pandemic has made him re-evaluate how he works, reports

“It’s been a lot of fun honestly. I can’t see myself going on the road again as intensely as I used to. Of course, I want to get back out there and tour but I used to do so much so I’ll really keep an eye on my time at home too,” he said.

The singer, known for belting out hits like “Wiggle” and “Talk dirty”, also shared that a career in music is not easy.

Asked what advice he would give to people wanting to enter the industry, he said: “Don’t do it. Nah, you’ve gotta put your heart and soul into it. It’s like anything else, there are a lot of people chasing that top spot, so your work ethic has got to be the difference. You have to want it more than anybody else. You have to live, eat, breathe and sleep your craft and hopefully, if you choose something you love, it’s not hard to do it all the time.”

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