October 5, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Danny Huston: I fell into acting

Los Angeles,  Actor-director Danny Huston says he would have wanted to direct more films, but could never really make a name for himself behind the camera. That was when friends started offering him acting roles, and he started accepting these.

“I started off as a director. I just sort of fell into acting because I wasn’t able to get my directing projects off the ground and friends started casting me in their films out of the kindness of their hearts,” said late legendary filmmaker John Huston’s son Danny, according to contactmusic.com.

Talking about his latest directorial, the 2017 film “The Last Photograph”, Huston calls it a “simple” and “beautiful” story.

“It’s a simple, beautiful story, eloquently written by my friend Simon Astaire. A photograph is stolen from the main character, who then starts to spiral. And through the story we discover what the photo means to him. I guess we all have objects that carry meaning and bring the memory of someone we’ve lost back to us,” he said in an interview with Metro newspaper.

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