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When TV star Namit Khanna turned model-cum-photographer during lockdown

Mumbai: TV star Namit Khanna recently carried out the dual job of being a model and a photographer for a campaign at the same time, and he loved it.

The situation arose owing to the Covid lockdown. He had to do a khadi campaign all by himself, which means he functioned as the model as well as the photographer.

“What inspired me to take up this campaign was the opportunity to showcase my photography talent,” said Namit, who has had ample modelling experience before.

“The best part was that I could use all my travel photography experience and combine it with my modelling experience over the years. I can confidently say that hard work and effort is never wasted and I surely benefited from all my hard work in the past. Shooting the campaign was a breeze,” said the “Sanjivani” actor.

How easy or difficult was it to manage to balance the roles? “I was working with a lot of constraints and very little time. All the planning and briefing had been done by the marketing team over various zoom calls. Onset, I was singlemindedly focused on the job at hand,” said the actor.

“Switching from the photographer’s role to being the model was totally new territory. Being the captain of the ship I had to deal with a lot of speed breakers during the shoot. Having said that, I would have loved to experiment a bit if I had extra time but I’m hoping I will get such scope the next time,” he added.

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