December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Rahul Dev explored Ranthambore during recent Rajasthan shoot

Mumbai,  Actor Rahul Dev plays an investigating officer in the upcoming web film “Raat Baaki Hai”, and he particularly enjoyed shooting portions of the film in Rajasthan.

Rahul says he had a great time exploring Ranthambore National Park during his free time. Contrary to the sombre mood of the murder mystery, Rahul says the mood was light on the set and the cast, also featuring Annup Sonii and Paoli Dam, had fun.

“We were in a light mood, but I did not shoot much with Annup and Paoli because I did not have many scenes with them. It was a night shoot mostly, so in the daytime most of the actors would be resting. I love Rajasthan and even though I have been there so many times, I get fascinated. This time, I was exploring Ranthambore when I was not shooting,” Rahul .

He added: “It is interesting to see how the park is so well maintained and, even though so many tourists visit, nature and the animals and so well-kept. Rules are followed so that animals can roam freely. I am fascinated.”

“Raat Baaki Hai” based on Atul Satya Koushik’s play “Ballygunge 1990”.

On how different the film would be from the play, Rahul said: ” I think it would be very different because the play was a one-act play. Our film revolves around three principal characters and the mysterious death of a person named Vaani Kapoor. A series of incidents unfolds in the course of the investigation.”

Directed by Avinash Das, “Raat Baaki Hai” also features Saurabh Sachdeva, and Dipannita Sharma, and will release on Zee5 on April 16.

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