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Pooja Bhatt chides Aashika for not doing duties properly

Mumbai : The ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ house is raging with tension as the contestants are getting nervous for eliminations. To make things worse, amid this, Aashika Bhatia gets a bad scolding from the senior-most member of the house, Pooja Bhatt for not doing her duties properly.

The conversation started post an allegation which said that the house members are angered by Aashika for not cleaning the house well enough and doing her duty lazily if not at all.

Angered by this, Bebika said: “I am unwell, yet working. You still haven’t cleaned the washroom well, nor have you cleaned the dustbin.”

As is tradition with ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, this whole thing sparked the flames of a furious argument, and it did not take much time before Pooja Bhatt got involved, and she is not in the best mood at all.

Pooja sees Aashika getting all hyper and aggravated even after not doing her duties properly.

While Aashika clarified her stance, saying “I have cleaned it to my best and when I came, the dustbin was clean.” Pooja Bhatt, who was watching the whole thing for a while, was not buying any of Aashika’s words.

Getting angry at her for her lame excuses, Pooja said: “You can’t run away from duties like this. Your answers have low logic as of now and you should just go and clean the thing rather than arguing.”

Later, Aashika starts to cry and shares that she feels that Pooja is being overly rude over a trivial affair and targeting only her, which she feels is very unfair.

Emotions culminate into a full-fledged drama spiraling into a complex of anger, sadness and more, sparking into something big, proving that it does not take long for the house to get heated up and theatrical in its mood.

As the housemates continue to navigate through twists and turns, the ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ journey remains unpredictable and filled with dramatic moments. 

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