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Nikhita Gandhi’s new song captures the essence of millennial couples

Mumbai: Singer Nikhita Gandhi has sung a light-hearted track that captures the essence of new-age couples.

Titled “Jhalle kalle”, the song is about a millennial couple and how, after a crazy day of multiple petty fights and ups and downs, they ultimately reunite.

“‘Jhalle kalle’ is a light-hearted track, which we feel will perfectly sync with the lives of real life Indian couples who have been together at home for the past six months,” said Nikhita.

“It captures brilliantly the feeling that almost everyone has experienced during the lockdown. It’s a feel-good track that incorporates different genres of music from across the world like R&B, pop and folk and I am super excited for music lovers to hear this incredible fusion,” she added.

The song has been composed by Denny and Nikhita.

“Through ‘Jhalle kalle’, I intended to create the feeling of love and the bond shared between new-age couples and translate it in an expression so that our audience can relate to it,” said Denny.

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