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Women are not just kitchen confined materials: Gulki Joshi

Mumbai: Gulki Joshi is seen as Haseena Malik on Sab Tv.  She added that in the cities the male domination has decreased, women are at times equal and more important whereas the mentality is still not matured in rural areas.

People are still pretty much narrow minded in villages. In small towns which are in the developing stage, women are not getting the opportunities they deserve.

She also believes education is the most important thing. If there are more educated people they will understand that women are not just kitchen confined materials. So, they should be set free so that they can touch the moon. If through education we can educate our parents that if they don’t differentiate between son and daughter then maybe things will change a bit.

Talking about equality of pay in the TV industry, she says there is equal pay to man and women both in the TV industry. But it’s unfortunate that this issue exists in the film industry and other sectors of our country.

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