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The Fate of Democracy

Nagendra Sharma

What it will be? As our Prime minister Narendra Modi crowned in roaring manner in 2014 and re- crowned in 2019 by democratic people of India, some of them are in remorse and some are in dilemma, what to do next? Nobody has met anything, what was promised to them or they dreamed about incumbency of their dream leader. Now a general opinion is that the predecessor was better.
Coming to headline, the current affairs are scary. The way the minorities are threatened and call for the evolution of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ evoked, raises this question. ‘Dharma Sansad’ organized by and with so called seers at Haridwar clearly announced that BJP/RSS don’t want Muslims in the country. They won’t let them live even in ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Next is Christianity’s turn, the way churches were secured by forces to celebrate Christmas, the above words can’t be termed as ‘Exaggeration’. Time and again, the BJP and its subsidiary bodies demanded for ‘Hindu Rashtra’ but since 2014 they have started their exercise to create panic in minorities, especially in Muslims. The irony is that Government of India (BJP) never reacted on it and also never acted against culprits of such incidents. ‘Dharma Sansad’ is result of it that genocide of Muslims has been called and still Government of India, Government of Uttarakhand is silent. On top of it, one of the main hate speakers appears in social media and calls it his democratic right. The most worrisome is the silence of Prime Minister. He uses to frame himself as a Prime servant of Indians. Now, he is acting as a Prime servant of Hindus only. Why? Before exploring this answer, Punjab Congress chief Sidhu should be condemned for his latest remark on blasphemy.
Recently, PM Modi has emerged as a defeated icon in Indian politics. He couldn’t succeed in West Bengal as well as BJP lost major seats in 29 by-polls, few months back. Two months back saffron party was clearly swiping UP assembly polls but as of today, Samajwadi Party is a strong contender and in a face off position in UP. The crowed emerging is SP rallies is more, then emerged in 2012.Yogi is replaced by Modi but still things are not seems to be going towards BJP’s way. So, is this ‘Hindu Rashtra’ exercise is to attract all the Hindu voters? Because, it is clear that minorities are going to vote BJP as they did in 2017. Sikhs (farmers) fought and forced government to step down in their term and conditions.
Entire country is stricken by inflation. So, is BJP throwing Hindutva dice to cater Hindu voters? What if BJP fails to cater them? UP assembly elections will be held? It sounds doubtful. The elections are to be commenced in UP and four other states. Prime focus is UP because right from the independence, it is set that UP is a corridor to Delhi’s throne. Losing UP means losing India (politicaly). Presently, BJP is set to lose UP and they anticipate it. Then, what will be the next move of Modi or saffron party to be a conqueror? Will it be democratic…?

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