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Nepal Police opens fire on 3 Indian nationals, 1 injured

An Indian national was injured after Nepal Police opened fire at the Indo-Nepal border at Fatehpur in Tehragachh in Bihar’s Kishanganj district, the police said on Sunday.

Kishanganj Deputy Superintendent of Police Anwar Javed told IANS that the incident happened when a young man, Jitendra Kumar Singh, along with two of his friends Ankit Kumar Singh and Gulshan Kumar Singh, went to the border area at around 7.30 p.m. on Saturday, looking for his cattle.

He said Nepal Police, deployed on the border, fired at these youths, in which Jitendra Kumar Singh received injuries in his hand.

The injured Singh was immediately rushed to the primary health centre at Tehragachh for treatment, from where he was referred to Purnia.

Javed said the police is investigating the case, the situation is being monitored and talks are also being held with the Nepalese authorities.

There is anger among the local people after this incident.

Last month also an Indian national was killed and two others received injuries after Nepal Police opened fire at them.

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