December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Biden will call Governors, Mayors about mask mandate

Washington :  After US President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January 2021, he will call on Democratic and Republican Governors and Mayors from all across the country over enacting mask mandates in a bid to stem the raging Covid-19 pandemic, a senior adviser said.

“If a Governor declines, he’ll go to the Mayors in the state and ask them to lead,” adviser told NBC News on Sunday.

“In many states, there is the capacity of Mayors to institute mandates,” he added.

Currently, about 20 US states already have mask mandates in place.The development comes as Biden is scheduled to announce the names of scientists and other experts on his coronavirus task force on Monday.According to the adviser, the President-elect is also looking at a possible mask mandate for federal buildings, which the incumbent administration of President Donald Trump was yet to enforce.As the pandemic is still raging in the US unabated, the country currently accounts for the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the world.On Monday, the caseload reached 9,972,333, while the death toll stood at 237,574.

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