February 29, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

20 Hamas men arrested from Gaza hospital: IDF

Tel Aviv : At least 20 Hamas men were arrested from Al Amal Hospital in Gaza Strip by Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The Israel army in a statement said Hamas men hiding in the hospital were arrested without disrupting the functioning of the hospital.

The Israel army said: “This again proves how Hamas’ terror operatives were using hospitals as their base to carry out attacks against the IDF.”

Search in the hospital was conducted after prior coordination with the hospital staff, the army said, adding that the forces searched the hospital carefully without opening fire and without harming patients or staff.

The IDF said that soldiers were briefed in advance on acting without harming patients, medical teams, civilians, and medical equipment, in accordance with international law.

The IDF also said that after the arrests, the troops facilitated the delivery of dozens of oxygen tanks and additional medical equipment to the hospital.

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