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Virat and I connected so well in my first season at RCB: Du Plessis

New Delhi : Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Faf du Plessis highlighted the striking similarities between himself and Virat Kohli, emphasising their shared dedication to athleticism, rigorous training regimes, and holistic approaches to professional sportsmanship.

Speaking exclusively to Star Sports, Du Plessis underscored Kohli’s role as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring cricketers, stressing the importance of fitness for long-term success in the sport.

“There are quite a few things that Virat and I are very similar, very alike in the way we see the game or think about the game, but also in how we look at ourselves and how we want to be. Obviously athletic, train hard, be fit, eat well. So, we look at a holistic approach to being a professional sportsman and I think that’s why we connected so well in my first season at RCB, we were very similar,” said the RCB captain.

Du Plessis further hailed the Kohli’s fitness and called him a great example for the younger generation in terms of longevity in their body.

“And yes he’s amazing, he trains hard, he’s very fit, and I feel like in today’s age of sport you have to be like that if you’re looking for longevity so he will be a great example for the younger generation that maybe feel like they can just come in and rely on their talent. Yes, they are good enough in terms of talent but in terms of longevity in your body to make sure you can play for as long as possible; fitness will definitely play a role,” added Di Plessis.

Meanwhile, former RCB and Team India bowler Varun Aaron expressed optimism about Kohli’s return to top form, citing his insatiable hunger for cricket and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Reflecting on Kohli’s sensational performance in the 2016 IPL season, Aaron echoed the hopes of fans worldwide, eagerly anticipating a resurgence of Kohli’s extraordinary batting prowess in the upcoming tournament.

“I mean all the fans would hope so. He’s coming back after a long break, and the way Virat is, he’s always hungry for cricket. He was going to have a child and he’s taken a break for it, he will be missing cricket for sure, knowing him, he’s going to come back with double the hunger.

“I hope he gets back to that kind of form (2016) in the IPL. The IPL is a long season and to continue that form is to be superhuman. And that season, the way he was batting, it was surreal to watch on the side-lines,” he said.

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