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Kohli’s answer to critics questioning the unexpected hug with Gambhir

New Delhi : Former Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) captain Virat Kohli broke his silence over an unexpected hug with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) mentor Gautam Gambhir during the IPL 2024 match at Chinnaswamy Stadium, and said that people are disappointed because masala ended for them.

The highly anticipated showdown between RCB and KKR promised fireworks, with tensions brewing between Kohli and Gambhir in previous encounters back in 2023.

Yet, amidst the fierce competition, the unexpected display of sportsmanship left fans in awe as Kohli and former cricketer Gambhir burned down the hatchet after sharing a hug during the RCB and KKR clash.

In a statement at a PUMA event, Kohli addressed the backlash, acknowledging the disappointment among fans over his reconciliatory actions.

“People are disappointed with my behaviour. I hugged Naveen and Gauti bhai (Gautam Gambhir) also hugged me that day. So they have lost their masala,” said Kohli.

The reference to ‘masala’ reflected the drama and rivalry that often fuels cricket matches, particularly encounters between long standing adversaries like Kohli and Gambhir. During the World Cup match in Delhi, Kohli ended his rivalry with Afghanistan’s pacer Naveen, who claimed that Kohli had started the conversation to bury the hatchet.

Kohli’s gesture towards Naveen-ul-Haq, the Afghan pacer with whom he had a previous altercation, further fueled speculation about his motives. Naveen recounted Kohli’s initiative to bury the hatchet during a World Cup match, signalling a willingness to move past conflicts.

While RCB continues to struggle for form in the IPL 2024 season with a single win in five matches, Kohli’s individual brilliance shines through. The star batter has scored 316 runs this season, with the Orange Cap firmly placed on his head. During the match against KKR, when Kohli shared the hug with Gambhir, he scored 83 runs and remained unbeaten.

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