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Yogi asks Ministers to be cautious while working

Lucknow : Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in a first, has warned his Ministers not to indulge in any activity that brings bad name or disrepute to the government.

He has warned them not to indulge in mediating in contracts and other works.

At a meeting on Wednesday evening, he told the Ministers that they should treat this responsibility as an opportunity to serve people at large and directed them to remain in field and review their respective department’s work at least for three to four days a week.

He urged them to carry out development work on PPP mode, as well as to innovate and think out of the box.

The Chief Minister said that if they continued to do routine work, their departments will have no significant achievements to show and also asked them to come up with new ideas.

According to official sources, Yogi asked each minister about the work assigned to them and also gave special directions to each of them.

He also said that technology should be used as much as possible so that people need not come to government offices but can easily carry out their work through decentralised means.

For instance, he said that the Transport Department should start automatic driving institutes and online issuance of licences.

Yogi asked the concerned Minister to develop bus depots so that they have an ‘airport-like feel’.

He also asked the AYUSH Minister that efforts should be made to set up wellness centres in at least each of the 18 divisions, adding that people head to places like Bengaluru for wellness retreats and this facility should instead be developed in Uttar Pradesh.

While discussing the developments in the Environment Department, the Chief Minister said that special efforts must be made to ensure that the saplings being planted across the state are able to survive.

The Department has also been asked to work on pollution control measures.

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