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Withdraw provision to appoint persons from other religion in temple management: BJP to K’taka govt

Bengaluru : The BJP has urged the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government to withdraw the provision in the Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments (Amendment) Bill, 2024 allowing persons of other religions to become members of temple management.

The new bill was tabled and consent was secured in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. Taking to social media, BJP said on Thursday that, as per the new bill, persons from other religions could become a part of the management of a temple.

This is the malicious intent of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to dry the coffers of temples with the help of persons from other religions much the same way he has rendered the state’s treasury empty, the BJP said.

“Mr. CM Siddaramaiah, you do not want Hindu gods. But, for enjoyment and pursue dirty appeasement politics you very much require the money of Hindu temples. The days are close when Hindus will teach you a befitting lesson.

“Revert the order which enables persons from other religions to become members. Hindu Dharma had not spared Ghori and Ghazni. You are nothing.

“The Congress and CM Siddaramaiah are doing what Ghazni, Ghori, Aurangazeb and Tipu had done earlier. After looting Karnataka for appeasement politics and assembly elections of five states, the Karnataka Congress party’s evil eye is set on the Hindu temples.”

The order has been issued that five per cent of the income of temples with less than a crore income and 10 per cent of the income of temples with above Rs 1 crore income will have to be handed over to the government, BJP stated.

The Congress government has, however, said that the money would be used to provide facilities to the priests and temple staff.

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