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Will not tolerate injustice to farmers: Varun Gandhi

Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh) :
BJP MP Varun Gandhi has once again made it clear that he will not ‘tolerate any injustice’ done to farmers.

Varun has posted his video interacting with some officials and farmers. He can be heard warning the officials that if there is any corruption or irregularity in paddy procurement, he will not approach the government but will go to court directly.

He said that he will depute one representative at every procurement centre who will record the proceedings.

“At every procurement centre in the state, there is crippling corruption which is completely out in the open. Farmers’ grains are forcibly rejected after which they sell their produce out of desperation to middlemen. The administration takes a cut,” he said.

He alleged that the nexus between officials and middlemen is forcing farmers to sell their grains at a much lower price.

He said that farmers will continue to be exploited in mandis as long as there is no legal guarantee for MSP.

Varun Gandhi has been continuously supporting the farmers and their issues and has reportedly incurred the wrath of his party.

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