August 18, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Scuffle breaks out between Cong and BJP leaders during voting for district panchayat president in Bhopal

Bhopal : A scuffle broke out between Congress Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh and BJP Minister Vishvas Sarang over alleged ‘bogus’ voting for district panchayat president in Bhopal on Thursday.

Both leaders came face to face outside district panchayat office in Bhopal, while voting to elect district panchayat president was underway.

It started after Congress alleged that “nine votes were caste with fake medical certificates”. Accusing the BJP of “bogus voting”, several Congress leaders, including Digvijaya Singh tried to enter district panchayat office.

However, they were stopped by police personnel heavily deployed there. Meanwhile, Sarang, who is MLA from Bhopal also reached the spot and he was heard ordering the cops: “le jao inko, gundagardi ni chalegi” (Take them away, hooligans will not be tolerated).

“Anyone who is uneducated or not fit to cast their vote can get another family member to do it. They are bringing government cars full of people, who cast votes. It’s a violation of election rules,” said Digvijaya Singh.

Earlier, BJP Minister Bhupendra Singh reached the District Panchayat office where Congressmen protested fiercely and did not let his vehicle enter the premises of the panchayat building.

“This is my personal car. I am a minister and have the security that is given to a minister,” said Bhupendra Singh. However, Congress leaders protested against his entry into the office.

Workers of BJP and Congress are creating a ruckus by gathering outside the Zila Panchayat office in Bhopal on a large scale.

Notably, the election of District Panchayat President is underway in many districts including Bhopal, which has become a question of credibility for both BJP and Congress.

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