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Team Absolute|Bhopal Having announced government jobs in Madhya Pradesh only for youths of Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made another announcement on Thursday saying recruitment in government jobs in the state will be based on the candidates’ results in the common eligibility test of National Recruitment Agency (NRA).
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a tweet, “”The National Recruitment Agency will prove to be a boon for crores of youngsters. Through the Common Eligibility Test, it will eliminate multiple tests and save precious time as well as resources. This will also be a big boost to transparency.”
Chouhan said in a series of tweets on Thursday, “I have taken a unique and revolutionary decision for the welfare of our young sons and daughters. The youths of the state will not have to write any separate examination for the government jobs in the state. They will get jobs based on their marks in the examination to be conducted by NRA.” He further said, “Madhya Pradesh happens to be the first state in the country to take an exemplary decision to provide jobs based on the marks obtain in NRA’s examinations. Other states of the country too can replicate this decision and give relief to sons and daughters over there. I am grateful to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for setting up the NRA.”Earlier, on Tuesday CM had said, “We have taken an important decision that the state government jobs will be only given to youngsters, who belong to MP. We are putting in place necessary legal provisions to this effect.
MP’s resources are only for the state’s children.” In a tweet, the CM said:”From today, the children of Madhya Pradesh will have the first right over the resources of Madhya Pradesh. All government jobs will be reserved only for the children of Madhya Pradesh. Our aim is to involve the local talents in the upliftment of the state.”State Congress spokesperson Abhay Dubey said, “On the one hand the CM shows his trust in a national recruitment agency just to please the Prime Minister but on the other hand he is talking of regionalism while saying that no youth from any other part of the country can get a government job in Madhya Pradesh.
He is making all these announcements to woo the young voters but the fact is the government jobs were curtailed substantially during the BJP’s past regime of 15 years. He must tell people how many jobs were provided to youths of the state during the BJP’s regime.”

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