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PM Modi’s key lifestyle mantras for Bill Gates

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a candid conversation with Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, not only discussed AI, climate change, healthcare and digital inclusion but also gave him some useful tips about how to remain healthy while finding inner peace in hectic times.

When the billionaire philanthropist Gates asked PM Modi how he maintains such energy levels despite working almost round the clock, the Prime Minister replied that he feels a sense of relaxation that comes naturally to him.

“I find my inner peace through a spiritual practice instilled in me by my teachers which energises me to a great strength. This energy does not stem from physical strength but my dedication and emotional connection to the mission at hand, focusing solely on it,” PM Modi told Gates.

“Additionally, my body has adapted to little rest. I sleep for less hours, work late into the night, yet wake up early, feeling refreshed. This resilience partly comes from a period spent in the Himalayas, where I followed the tradition of bathing in early morning hours which has conditioned my body over time,” the Prime Minister explained.

“As a result, I don’t need conventional methods to relax”.

When a curious Gates asked PM Modi how millet is changing the way vegetarian food is looked at globally, the Prime Minister said that promoting millet can be a big way forward as switching to it can bring several health benefits.

“I have seen a significant increase in millet production. Many reputable companies are now offering millet-based products, enhancing its value and making it both common and trendy. Even five-star hotels have introduced special millet menus. And it is improving the livelihoods of small farmers,” said PM Modi.

“Millet is a superfood. I celebrated 2023 as the Year of Millet with the UN. Millet has great benefits. It grows in barren land. It needs minimal water and does not require any fertiliser,” the Prime Minister further explained.

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