December 3, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Nitish Kumar not taking decisions on his own, says Upendra Kushwaha

Patna : Disgruntled JD-U Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha claimed that Nitish Kumar is not taking decisions on his own.

He further said that forming the government with the help of RJD was not the decision of Nitish Kumar. It was suggested by the leaders who surrounded him.

“When Nitish Kumar went with RJD to form the government in Bihar, it was not the decision of Nitish Kumar. The candidate of Kurhani by-poll was not picked according to the choice of Nitish Kumar. He has publicly said that it was not the choice to select the candidate of Kurhani. When Nitish Kumar left the RJD and went with BJP in 2017, it was not his decision as well. Nitish Kumar is taking decisions on the suggestions of leaders who are surrounding him,” Kushwaha said.

“Such a situation is dangerous for the party. It is heading towards the end. Nitish Kumar is unable to take decisions on his own and doing it on the suggestions of others. Hence, I am appealing to Nitish Ji to start taking decisions at his personal level and save the party,” Kushwaha said.

“Nitish Ji is saying that he has made me an MLC and president of the party’s national parliamentary board. I had left the post of Union minister then what is the post of MLC. By appointing as MLC, the party has not given me a job, it has given me a lollipop or Jhunjhuna. If Nitish Kumar is thinking that he has obliged me by appointing as MLC and national parliamentary board president, he should take back both the posts,” Kushwaha said.

“People are saying what kind of stake I am wanting from Nitish Kumar. I want to clarify to them that I am wanting a stake in JD-U. It is a similar kind of stake which Nitish Kumar demanded from Lalu Prasad Yadav in 1994. Nitish Kumar, during the rally at Gandhi Maidan Patna, demanded stake from Lalu Prasad Yadav. I am demanding the same from Nitish Kumar in JD-U now,” Kushwaha said.

“Nitish Kumar is saying that he loves me. What kind of narrative of love he is making. If people love anyone, they ask them to stay near. He is asking me to leave the party, what kind of love it is,” Kushwaha asked.

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