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Mayawati confident of forming govt in UP with Brahmin support

Lucknow : Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati on Tuesday asserted that the BSP would form the next government in Uttar Pradesh with the support from the ‘Prabuddha Varg’ (Brahmin).

Addressing a meeting at the BSP headquarters here to mark the culmination of the party’s ‘Prabuddha Varg Sammelans’, Mayawati said, “We have always respected all castes. This party does not belong to any one caste but to all.

“As chief minister in all my terms, I have ensured that everyone got due respect. The interests of Brahmins and other communities are secure in the BSP.”

She further said that she had never made false promises to people like the BJP does, but has worked for the development and welfare of all.

In her first public appearance in the pandemic, Mayawati clarified that she did not hold meetings during the pandemic because that would have given the state government a chance to target her party members.

“Even for the Prabuddha Sammelans, the state government had set a limit for participants. They would have put my party workers in jail if the numbers exceeded the limit and that would have impacted the party campaign for elections,” she explained.

She said that after the BSP started Prabuddha Varg Sammelan, other parties followed suit.

“But the ‘Prabuddha Varg’ is intelligent enough to know where their interests are safe,” she said.

Mayawati also asked her party leaders to enrol a minimum of 1,000 Brahmins in each Assembly constituency in the state.

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