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Mahagatbadhan is manifestation of dynasty politics: Modi

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday termed opposition efforts to forge a ‘grand alliance’ as a “manifestation of dynasty politics,” saying the fake unity was nothing but an election gimmick.

Interacting with BJP booth workers from Bulandshahr, Kota, Korba, Sikar and Tikamgarh Lok Sabha constituencies through video conferencing, the Prime Minister took a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, saying he was like a “lie machine” whom people donot trust.

Responding to a question on ‘Mahagathbadhan’, Prime Minister said: “There is no need to panic or worry about their false propaganda. Mahagathbadhan is a manifestation of dynasty politics. This fake unity is an election gimmick and opposition parties do not have any agenda to match the aspirations of the 21st century India.”

He said the people who lie are not accepted by the society.

“People hate those who talk about negative politics, those who see bad things in goodness of the country, those who abuse and insult the Army. We have to move forward on the belief of our deeds,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the BJP was worried about country’s destiny while the opposition parties were worried to save their dynasty.

“The public has to be reminded about the situation in the past. There was dynasty and family rule. We are the people who have come to change the future of the country, but they are concerned about dynasty. Their concern is for their children. They think that if the BJP ruled the country for five or ten more years, what would happen to some 200 and 500 families, who had been at the centre of power for 70 years. They have gathered to save the dynasty. They do not care for the poor,” Modi said.

In an apparent dig at Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said that there are some people who make speeches and give eight kinds of data from the morning to the evening.

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