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‘I’m blessed to have a boss like you’, Sameer Wankhede’s chats with Gyaneshwar Singh reveal

New Delhi : Former Zonal Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Sameer Wankhede, who has filed an application to lodge an FIR against NCB Deputy Director General Gyaneshwar Singh, was once a big fan of him, as revealed in their WhatsApp chats accessed .

“Sir, I am blessed to have a boss like you,” read Wankhede’s WhatsApp message to Singh.

The conversation took place shortly after the high-profile detention of Aryan Khan on October 2, 2021.

In the WhatsApp messages, Wankhede expresses his gratitude, stating, “Sir, I am blessed to have a boss like you.” It becomes evident that Wankhede held Singh in high regard at that period.

Wankhede informed Singh that a rave party was going on, and Aryan Khan and his eight friends were given free VVIP tickets worth Rs 3 lakh.

He also informed Singh through the WhatsApp chat that cocaine, charas, ganja and MDMA (ecstasy) were being supplied at the cruise.

What is most surprising is that Wankhede informed Singh that even girls were being supplied on the cruise.

Wankhede said that MDMA and ecstasy were found with girls only.

Later, Wankhede asks Singh, “Do you know what MDMA or ecstasy is?”

The CBI has lodged a case of alleged corruption against Wankhede following Singh’s report. The WhatsApp chat is now part of CBI’s probe.

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