October 4, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Deaths due to Covid increasing, vaccines reducing: Rahul

New Delhi:┬áHours after India recorded highest death due to Covid in a single day, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi slammed the government saying vaccines are decreasing while deaths are increasing. He said, the government’s policy is to divert attention and spread lies.

In a tweet in Hindi, Rahul Gandhi said, “Vaccines reducing while the number of deaths due to Covid is increasing. Central government’s policy is to divert attention, spread lies and make noise by hiding facts.”

He also attached screenshots of news reports indicating a sharp decline in the Covid vaccines and steep rise in the number of deaths due to Covid.

On Wednesday, with 4,529 deaths India recorded highest fatalities ia day due to Covid with 2.67 lakh frsh cases of Covid.

The opposition parties have slammed the government for exporting the Covid vaccines to ther countries.

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