October 20, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Congress was made by foreigners to kill democracy

Team Absolute|Bhopal Home Minister Narottam Mishra attacked Rahul Gandhi’s remark on PM Narendra Modi government on Thursday. Mishra said that he wants to pay respect to the guru who has taught Rahul Gandhi and also asked him from where does he get good quality hash. He was quoted saying, “Itni achhi quality ka ye Nasha laate Kahan se hain?”. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over India’s border standoff with China, saying that if Congress been in power, it would have thrown out China from the country in less than 15 minutes. Rahul Gandhi while addressing a public gathering late last evening, as part of his “Kheti Bachao Yatra”, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a “coward.” Earlier, on Wednesday claiming that the Congress party is fundamentally controlled by foreigners, Mishra said that the grand old party was established by foreigners to kill democracy. “Congress was established by foreigners to kill democracy. Today also, the party is controlled by forces that are fundamentally foreign. So I feel Govind Singh is looking for the wrong thing at the wrong place. Democratic values will not be found in the Congress,” Mishra said in a press conference here.He said that Govind Singh is a friend and suggested him to reconsider his decision to try to search for democracy in the Congress party. He said there is only nepotism in the Congress party. Govind Singh, a BJP turncoat, is reportedly looking to secure a seat in the Madhya Pradesh by-poll election for a candidate of his choice. Mishra claimed that the names of two or three more candidates will be reconsidered by Congress until the last date of nomination. The Congress party had yesterday announced three more names for the upcoming by-polls and replaced an earlier announced candidate. Speaking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mishra said that the Prime Minister’s time in public life has been dedicated to the welfare of the people. “When Modi ji was a mere party worker, people saw the image of a Chief Minister in him. When he became a Chief Minister, people saw a Prime Minister in him. Now that he is the Prime Minister, he is being seen as a world leader,” Mishra said.

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