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BJP scared of AAP: Atishi on case against Gujarat MLA

New Delhi : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday accused the BJP of filing a false case filed against Gujarat’s party MLA Chaitar Vasava from the Devgadh Baria Assembly constituency and said that the saffron party is scared of it.

“The BJP in Gujarat, which has been in power for years, is trying to suppress the strong voice of the tribal community, who is also the son of Gujarat. The false case against Vasava, a popular tribal leader, is an attempt to stop him from becoming the voice of the community,” Delhi Minister Atishi said while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters here.

She said that the BJP knows that leaders like Vasava are standing with AAP in the Lok Sabha elections, which is why they have filed a false case against him to create pressure.

“The false case against Vasava in the Lok Sabha elections is a conspiracy by the BJP to prevent him from promoting AAP,” she said.

She said that in front of all the journalists, I had made a prediction as I had said that in the coming days, every leader, legislator, minister, and MP of the AAP would be falsely implicated.

“I had predicted that the BJP will put its agencies behind us, file false cases, conduct raids, and send us to jail. And in just the past two days, the truth of this prediction has come true,” she said.

She said that just two days back, a 20-hour raid was conducted at the residence of Delhi’s Minister Raaj Kumar Anand in an 18-year-old case.

“Yesterday, a similar false case was filed against Vasava. Vasava is not only an AAP MLA but also a beloved leader of Gujarat’s tribal community. Due to his popularity, the Gujarat government, led by the BJP, filed a false FIR against him and also arrested his wife,” she said.

She said that Vasava is an MLA from a tribal area.

“The Forest Department had cut the crops of a tribal farmer in the region. As an MLA, Vasava raised the issue and demanded compensation for the farmer the Forest Department filed a false FIR against him. Additionally, Vasava’s wife, who was neither involved in the matter nor present at the scene, was also falsely charged and arrested, all to create pressure,” Atishi said.

“The BJP has always been an anti-tribal party. The BJP has never allowed any tribal leader in Gujarat to move forward. They have been in power in Gujarat for so many years, yet they haven’t let any Adivasi leader emerge,” she said.

Atishi said that Vasava fights for the rights of tribals not only in his constituency but in other areas as well.

“In this context, when the BJP knows that in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, tribals are standing with the AAP because of leaders like Vasava, they have filed a false case to create pressure. This is a conspiracy by the BJP to prevent him from campaigning for the AAP in the Lok Sabha elections,” she said.

The AAP leader said, “I want to make it clear to the BJP that our leaders are not afraid of false cases or jail threats. The false case against Chaitar Vasava and his wife won’t deter us. The tribal community in Gujarat will respond to the BJP’s false case in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

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