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BJP believes in division, Cong committed to development: Salman Khurshid

Guwahati, The BJP believes in division, distortion and deceit and the party’s five-year rule in Assam has put a stamp on this, former Union Minister and Congress leader Salman Khurshid alleged on Saturday.

Khurshid further said that the Congress party believes in treating everyone equally and fairly and the BJP has throughout the campaign attempted to destroy tenets of democracy and the Assamese identity.

Accompanied by state and central leaders, he said that the Congress had committed to correct the BJP’s 3D — ‘Division, Distortion and Deceit’ governance and added that the party’s campaign gave a glimpse of their governance model.

“The last five years have seen an unprecedented downfall in Assam’s economic prowess, peace in the state and a severe damage to the Assamese identity.

“Supari syndicate, coal syndicate, division on religious lines, spewing hatred and economic mismanagement have been the hallmark of BJP’s governance in the last five years,” the Congress leader told the media.

He said that the BJP’s election campaign and the manner of its campaign is just a continuation of its governance ideology.

“After the support the Congress’ grand alliance (of 10 parties) has received for its five guarantees and the last phase of polling draws closer, the writing is on the wall. The Congress party is committed to work with each and every person of Assam to collectively take the state on a development and prosperous path,” the Congress leader said.

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